I am pitching a story on a Brooklyn artist today and hoping to land an assignment.

I don’t intend to count each day, but it felt appropriate just now.

Today is Day 1 of Glass House.

It’s 84 degrees out and the humidity is unbearable here in Brooklyn. I moved into a new apartment a few months ago. We painted the walls green, a light green the color of a leaf. It’s vibrant, and once I find the digital camera I’ll show you.

It’s intimidating to pick a color for a room because color has a strong effect on people- our concentration, moods, even creativity. We chose green because to me the color symbolizes life and presence.

Though it will still be humid tonight, I will be at the Park Slope Bandshell under a hazey sky concealing stars watching the Bill T Jones Dance Troup and listening to music. That is why I bear NYC in the summer time. The Bandshell will be full, there’ll be wine and picnics and lots of babies because this is the breeding capital of the world. But it’s also oozing with moments where art crashes into life and a former secretary reveals himself to be a world class musician, an IT wiz is actually a photographer with a poetic eye even he won’t admit.

If you ever live or visit NYC and experience an event that New Yorkers actually attend, you’ll hear the usual small talk of ‘What do you do?’ If you’re asked or asking this question, understand that most people don’t care how you earn your living.

  • What do you do when the boss is away?
  • What do you do even if it doesn’t pay?