I first started this blog as a means to keep in touch with my sister, we’ll call her Little One. Little One leaves next month, September, to start grad school on a ship sailing around the world. She calls it experiential learning.
Little One is the first in our family to go to grad school, and I am super proud of her. Not at all jealous. Sometimes. Little One wants to make the world better by helping people. I want to make the world better by writing good stories. It’s hard to explain what that means without sounding pretentious. So I won’t.

In return, Little One started a blog to share her adventures. (I’ll post this link once she tells me what it is.)

So that’s who Little One is. She has about a thousand nicknames. I call her Little One because people always confuse me for the younger sister–she’s athletic and strong while I perpetually struggle to build muscle and increase my weight. I call her Little One because I can.